Snoop Dogg plants some $$$ in a Toronto-based cannabis-tracking software

Photo: The Libertarian Republic

Toronto-based company Trellis, specialized in providing Cannabis Inventory Management Software, is the latest company to score funding from one very high-profile investor in the hopes of drawing more interest from the cannabis industry – Snoop Dogg – who is leading its latest $2-million seed round.

The Rapper is digging further into the Canadian cannabis ecosystem, investing in a seed-to-sale software provider as the country prepares for the legalization of marijuana by Canada Day next year.

Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital, invests specifically in companies that support the business-side of cannabis but don’t directly handle marijuana.

Trellis, which has offices in Toronto and Oakland, Calif., provides an inventory management platform for the cannabis industry.

Pranav Sood, the chief executive and founder of Trellis, said Snoop Dogg’s involvement helps to give his Toronto-based company a higher profile.  “For us, I think it just elevates the discussion and helps to boost our brand visibility.”

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