Due to the nature of our business and the multiple variables that contribute to the successful outcome of growing a plant our commitment to our customers is to always provide our best efforts and suggestions when consulting and providing growing services, however, due to the nature of nature we can NOT warranty or guarantee any particular outcome for your grow.

Smart Grow strictly provides design, assembly and maintenance services for both indoor and outdoor grow environments. It is at the client’s request that we provide any suggestions or guidance regarding the needs for adjustment, modification or renovation of an indoor or outdoor location and the client’s sole responsibility as to the how those adjustments, modifications and/or renovations are conducted and their eventual outcomes. We always advise the consultation of third party, licensed professionals (plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists etc.) when it comes to the modification of your home or growing environment and are always happy to work with third parties to help deliver a great growing experience.

Smart Grow and it’s parent company and affiliates are committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients and so will not share an

Services are rendered on a performance basis and are Non Refundable.

Product claims or issues must be made directly with the Manufacturer.

Questions may be forwarded to: contact@smartgrow.co