A Self-Grow Revolution – The benefits of growing your own, at home

[Image credit: Marijuana.tm]

Growing your own cannabis and produce is becoming a more and more viable option these days, no matter how green your thumb is.  You may have toyed with the idea of growing your own, but still decided that picking up your produce from the grocery store, and your cannabis from the dispensary, is the ideal way — Think again!

Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables, Medicinal Plants, Herbs or Spices


1) Price
The most significant reason to grow your own produce is the price. Take herbs, for example. A pack of herbs from the grocery store can cost anywhere from $3 to $6 and you use the pack for one, maybe two meals. Buying potted herbs, on the other hand, costs $2.50 to $4 and they last for about eight months. Some herbs, like rosemary and thyme, can even last for years. Growing your own herbs can be made cheaper by starting out with seeds, which cost $1 to $2.

2) Control What Goes In your Food
Another reason for growing your own is that you can control what goes into your food and your cannabis. You can either be very strict in keeping your produce organic, or use fertilizer and pest control that you approve of. The security of knowing how how you grow your plants, and what is used in the process, can be reason enough to grow your own and have total confidence in the quality and safety of what you are consuming.

3) Freshness
We’ve all run into the problem of reaching into our fridge’s produce drawers and finding limp, bruised or off-tasting vegetables. You won’t have that problem when you can pick them straight from the source (your very own backyard or kitchen) and use them for dinner on the same day. Produce found in grocery stores is typically picked half ripe, having an effect on its flavor.  It is then transported large distances only to sit in storage and then on shelves for days before it gets purchased by you.  It is then most often stored in refrigerators until you finally decide to consume it.  A lot of degradation happens in the delay from harvest to table, so the food in your meal or cannabis in your paper is far less nutritious or potent by the time you consume it.  Eliminate this delay by growing your own and never have to worry about freshness again!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on Self-Grow solutions coming to the Canadian marketplace to make growing your own an effortless experience!