Why you should be using joint filter tips

Fancy joint filters. Image from zamnesia.nl

If you’ve ever wondered if there is even a real purpose for that scrap of paper you roll up and stick into your joints, you’ll want to keep reading…

Whether you use one or not, joint filters actually provide some enhancements to the smoking experience…and they can add some artistry to your roll if you know what to do.

Joint filter tips provide stability to your joint, making it easier to wrap the paper tightly around something solid during rolling.  Your joint tip stays open and easy to pull from with consistent airflow.  And I’m sure we’ve all experienced the horror and discomfort of being passed a joint with a sloppy tip and paper squished together.  It is difficult and awkward to pull from – not the ideal toking experience for those who prefer the leisure of smoking a joint to other methods.  It can also allow you to smoke ALL the weed in your joint without having to deal with roaches or wasting weed.

There are many kinds of filter tips available depending on how fancy you want to get.  You’ve got your trusty cardboard option, other paper types, wooden filters that your joint actually gets placed into, pre-rolled tips you simply slide into your joints – even reusable biodegradable ones for the environmentally-conscious out there!

And there are some creative rollers doing some amazing things – check out these beauties!

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