Welcome to Your Neighbourhood Pot Dispensary

You see them popping up more and more frequently in the urban landscape of cities both big and small.  Usually its a lit up green sign with some clever pun on words eluding to the business within having the “good stuff”.

As you approach the entrance you notice security cameras, metal bars on the windows and most often a burly security guard posted in front who will usually ask you for ID to prove you are over 19.

Once inside a friendly individual will feel you out as to what type of “medicine” you are looking for.  Some dispensaries go the extra mile of having a professional write you a prescription and then sign you up for a membership which includes a nifty card with your name on it.  Others skip the pomp and show and welcome you to peruse their selection of dry flower which are neatly displayed in mason jars labelled with strain name, price and often THC/CBD %.   Beyond the bud you will find newer age offerings that include vapes, edibles and all sorts of creative delivery methods to get you “feeling better”.

This novelty at first glance seems to be your dreams of yesteryear come to life.  Then you step back and ask yourself… How?

How is this all possible? Where is this weed coming from if the LP’s (Licensed Producers) are not able to sell their stockpile to the recreational or commercial markets?  How is it ensured to be safe?  What’s the dose in this Edible?  What is this Vape Juice cut with?  What’s the shelf life of these products?  When, Where and How were they made?

All these questions seem to be answered with a shoulder shrug as if to say “who cares” for now while consumers revel in the novelty of being able to purchase their pot in an over the counter environment… so it seems that while dispensaries are currently the outlet for the grey market to showcase and sell their goods there is much in the way of control and standardisation that is left wanting at this time.