The Pot Dispensary: Basically Your Dream Becomes Reality…But When?


The Trudeau government has promised to unveil its plans for recreational cannabis production and sale in Spring 2017.

In the meantime you can not miss the fact that literally hundreds of green signed storefronts have popped across the city’s landscape boasting a menu with a wide ranging variety of Cannabis strains, potency and event mediums of consuming your pot.

The real questions that looms over the industry are How? and When?

How will recreational pot be produced, tested, controlled and taxed?
and When will these guidelines come into effect?

In the meantime the task force assigned by the Liberals to oversee and advise on the process has been firm in its message that current recreational activities of the dispensaries is in contravention of the current laws and those activities should be stopped and if not then be charged and prosecuted.

All that being said it clearly isn’t deterring the industry from planting its flag in the ground as to its intention to stay.