While much of the industry is currently focused on the growing of the plant, CDN GRN recognizes that the potential applications for clean, high-quality extracts and isolates are far-reaching and highly profitable.  Extracts and isolates can be tailored specifically to suit a myriad of lifestyles/health
conditions, to different user experiences and desired sensations, and will be in high demand as more non-combustible methods of consumption are desired by the emerging market.  Patients, in particular, are poised to benefit significantly from the widespread availability of extract and isolate-based products/medicine created with their condition(s) in mind.

CDN GRN is affiliated with Labs and Facilities dedicated to delivering the highest quality extracts and isolates. Areas of opportunity include: New and improved methods of extraction/isolation, patient & formula specific oils and blends, supplements, cosmetics and body care, aromatherapy,  creams/gels/ointments, etc.