Niagara College announces Canada’s 1st post-secondary program in Commercial Cannabis Production

Have you been dreaming of building a career in the emerging Cannabis industry in Canada?  Niagara College has stepped ahead of the curve to unveil their Commercial Cannabis Production program – the first of its kind in Canada – offering official training in the production, operational management and regulatory compliance of legal cannabis.

Niagara College prides itself on being on the forefront of education for emerging industries with its ability to identify growing needs in the labour market early and craft programs to respond to those needs.  In this case, they have chosen quite the opportune time to unveil their Commercial Cannabis Production program.  No doubt other schools will follow suit in time, but it just goes to show how serious the legal cannabis market is shaping up to become over the next few years and how much the industry will be seeking out skilled workers.

The Commercial Cannabis Production program is a one-year-long post-graduate program within their School of Horticulture Studies and will be located at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, which is also home to its other agri-business programs and facilities.  Students will move through 11 courses over 2 semesters preparing them for job positions in growing, production, quality assurance, post-harvest, propagation and operations management.

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