Netflix Weed – the next level in corporate promotional stunts

According to a piece in Variety, Netflix has entered the marijuana industry by introducing 10 of their own strains of marijuana to promote 10 of their Original Series shows.

Each strain was inspired by a specific show to complement their viewing experience. For example, indica-dominant strains would be better suited towards funnier, relaxed shows while dramas and more intense fare would be enhanced by something more sativa-dominant so the mind stays sharper.

The piece made it clear that Netflix’s intention with selling these strains was not a business plan to make profits from the marijuana industry, but a clever idea to promote their original programming while enhancing the experience of “Netflix and chill.”

Currently, only residents of California who can get to their local Netflix pop-up dispensary can enjoy this publicity stunt as mail-order purchase is not available yet.  We suspect that as legalization spreads, more are more corporations will be coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for promotions involving cannabis.

For more information about the campaign and the strains Netflix created, read more here