Calgary Looks at Colorado’s Experience as it prepares for Legalization

Organic Marijuana

(Image Credit: The Associated Press)

The same day recreational Cannabis became legal in Denver, Colorado, 18 cannabis stores opened in the city.

Now, 3 years later, Denver boasts 295 licensed grow opps 219 retail stores, 84 medical marijuana outlets and 10 testing facilities.

The City of Calgary recently created a special panel made of law enforcement, Alberta Health Services experts and Denver city official Dan Rowland to help lean on his experience with council on policy and advice in expectation of recreational marijuana being legalized north of the border this year.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi believes, “”The most important thing is for the city to get ahead of this┬áso we’re not caught flat-footed and we’re not having to, for example, close down dispensaries that have already opened once we put in restrictions on where you can retail,”.

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CBC News (Feb 06, 2017) – Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi expects the pot industry to mirror the beer industry