The HighTimes Cannabis Cup arrived in Canada

HighTimes brought its iconic Cannabis Cup to Canada for the first time as Lake Cowichan, BC played host to the event from August 24th – 27th, 2017.  The event featured a live grow room, seminars and panels, a vape lounge, camping (including RV options), and two music stages .  Musical acts included Wyclef Jean, Arrested Development, Lil’ Kim, House of Pain, Magic!, Sloan , among others.  The four-day event also features a three-day cannabis growers’ exhibition.

Originally, the event debuted at the Laketown Ranch property dubbed the “Legends of the Valley Music Festival”, but the holding company that recently acquired a stake in High Times magazine bought the property and it was then rebranded as the High Times Cannabis Cup Canada.

High Times Cannabis Cups are among the leading marijuana trade shows in the world.  Canada joins a global list of hosts including Jamaica, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and more.

So mark your calendars as this is looking to be an annual event in Canada.  Attendance is only open to those aged 19+.  However, until the laws change, only those with a medical document proving legal access to medicinal cannabis will be able to purchase plants, extracts or edibles on site, so while many exhibitors will be accessible to all,  access to the cannabis exhibitors’ village will be limited to those with medical documentation.

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