Health Canada says no medical cannabis shortages, patients disagree

Product shortages continue to frustrate many medical cannabis consumers, despite claims from Health Canada that there is a sufficient supply to meet patient demands.

As interest in Canada’s medical cannabis program continues to increase, concerns with supply have also been increasing. In January of this year, Lift first tackled the issue of product shortages, showing that many producers didn’t have specific products like high CBD varieties, oils, low THC options, and more.

While many producers at the time did still have a variety of products for sale, the inability of patients to effectively shop around between producers meant that if the producer or producers a patient was signed up with were out of a specific product, the person might just be out of luck until it came back into supply.

This supply issue continues to today, even as Health Canada has significantly increased its ability to process new applications and onboard new producers and production spaces; however, Health Canada claims that there are no shortages and that the issue is simply one of ‘preference’ for consumers between varieties.

“Health Canada is aware of reports of individuals who were not able to get their preferred product from their licensed producer,” wrote a Health Canada spokesperson to Lift. “However, based on market data, there is sufficient supply of cannabis for medical purposes to meet the current needs of registered clients.


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No medical cannabis shortages, patients disagree