Cannabis-infused edibles have proven themselves to be an established mode of consumption with endless possibilities for application and ways to improve the experience of consuming them.

As a more socially-acceptable way to enjoy cannabis, many opportunities exist to open new markets including: the development of high-quality and convenient pre-packaged goods, fast-acting/rapid- delivery edibles that make dosing easier to manage, value-added packaging design, cannabis-infused teas and alcoholic beverages, mouth sprays, smaller serving sizes to accommodate new/less experienced users, pet foods and pet-specific therapeutic treats, supplements and holistic/wellness products, etc.

Using the flourishing cannabis industry in Colorado, US as a guide for the potential of this market in Canada’s soon to be federally legalized landscape, the precedent recently set in Colorado boasted legal sales of marijuana edibles at $90.41 million US that grew to $126.17 million US in 2015, and even further to $189.9 million US in 2016 – numbers representing the potential in a single State with a population of approx. 5.5 million of which about 12.6% over the age of 12 reported to consuming cannabis in 2016.* The potential for edibles sales in Canada is poised to be extremely profitable, with a population of approx. 30.8 million over the age of 15 (as of July 1, 2016) and the federal age limit to be set at 18 years of age with provinces able to set their own age limits internally.

CDN GRN having recognized the need for standardization in this segment of the cannabis industry early on is poised to capitalize on several fronts including its development of ORIGIN LABS and several other strategic relationships to be announced Q4 2018.

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