DeepCell industries announces new Crystal Fusion technology patent in the US

Crystal Fusion technology is a groundbreaking process that infuses crystals, like sugar and salt, with cannabinoid molecules which will allow DeepCell IndustriesTM (the first cannabis intellectual property company) to become among the first cannabis companies with the ability to file patents on their products.

This technology makes it easier for businesses to innovate, for example, in the creation of flexible cannabis edibles. ¬†DeepCell’s newest crystal-based cannabis products, called Ruby Gems and Ruby Plus, are chewable fruit snacks of organic fruit fused with cannabis , THC and CBD, made with organic sugar cane, and are vegan, fat-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. They are currently available across Washington state.

While not yet available in Canada, these kinds of technological discoveries will make their way over the border soon. It is an exciting time to see the options for cannabis consumption expand so even more people will be able to participate once we are fully legalized in Canada.

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