Cyrille Brown

Founder, CEO
Specialized Hnrs, Bsc., Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Mr. Brown, a pioneer in the Canadian Cannabis Industry, recognized the benefits of the cannabis plant as a safer, healthier, holistic medicine over 15 years ago.

Coupling a unique insight into the commercial landscape with his scientific background and entrepreneurial spirit, Cyrille has brought together a team of brilliant and uniquely talented individuals that harmonize to accelerate the go-to-market plans of the niche solutions CDN GRN develops and aligns with.

Before founding of CDN GRN, Cyrille honed his Business Development, Sales and Marketing skills in the dynamic hospitality industry building an event production company that spanned the country and produced an unprecedented 700+ events a year. His unwavering focus on brand development and customer experience led to over 1million patrons having shared experiences at over 4500+ events throughout his career.

Realizing the vast marketing potential of the following he had cultivated, Cyrille launched Target Media Group which paired lifestyle brands with meaningful experience activations at the events to seamlessly position his clients as the recognized premiere product or service in their segment.

Having his educational background in Health and Life Sciences, Cyrille has been a strong advocate of the benefits of the cannabis plant as a holistic alternative and has a clear vision as to how cannabis will ultimately be implemented in a legal, transparent, effective manner into contemporary society. The founding of CDN GRN has been the result of his passion to execute his vision with the development of solutions focused on safe Home Grow, licensed Testing & Analysis and Consumer Product development.