Canadian government endorses marijuana use guidelines


According to guidelines endorsed by the Canadian government, you should not smoke weed every day.

Federal health minister Jane Philpott is supporting the “Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines” (LRCUG) published in June in the American Journal of Public Health. The guidelines were funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and outline 10 recommendations for the use of non-medical — or recreational — marijuana.

The LRCUG’s recommendations include limiting marijuana intake to once a week, abstaining from use among special-risk populations, such as pregnant women, and avoiding driving while under the influence. It also recommends consuming weed through methods other than smoking, such as through vaporizers or edibles.

Health Canada is endorsing the LRCUG as a part of the Liberal’s push to legalize recreational marijuana. By endorsing usage guidelines ahead of legalization, Phillpott hopes to counter the potential health risks of increased public access to cannabis.