Canada Post plans to deliver marijuana when legalized

[Image credit: Huffington Post]

A representative from Canada Post revealed, at a conference in Montreal last week, that they will be delivering cannabis to Canadian homes upon legalization.  As the country’s main postal service, Canada Post is already equipped to check the age and identity of recipients to comply with existing shipping requirements for marijuana.  They also already deliver alcohol for LCBO and SAQ so the infrastructure for mailing controlled substances has a precedent as well.

This seems to be a strategic move on the part of Canada Post as studies have shown that, under its current structure, the mail carrier is not financially self-sustainable and that it will become a taxpayer burden to maintain service.  For the past year it has been suggested that they take on deliveries for legal marijuana as one option to mitigate that risk.

According to the article on, “whether or not anyone will want to deliver marijuana using Canada Post remains to be seen, as the company admits a formal study on the potential popularity of cannabis-delivery with Canada Post users hasn’t been performed.” So it remains to be seen whether this move will be the gain they are hoping for.  However, if the service is priced competitively and shipments are kept secure, it is likely that many cannabis users and businesses will feel comfortable going with Canada Post as it is so trusted and recognized nation-wide.

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