METTRUM Catches 3rd Lawsuit Over Tainted Cannanbis


Halifax based, Wagners Law Firm will lead a proposed class action lawsuit that is pending certification against METTRUM (CVE:MT) and Organigram (CVE:OGI), two of Canada’s larger Licensed Producers (“LPs”) over Cannabis laden with illegal pesticides were recovered following consumers claiming a variety of post use symptoms.

The Globe and Mail also reported that a group of veterans is also putting together a suit containing evidence detailing illnesses experienced after consuming the tainted products that included nausea, breathing difficulties and being bedridden.

The banned pesticides in the proposed class action include myclobutanil and bifenazate which have not undergone safety testing on humans and are Not Approved for use on Cannabis.

Both Canopy Growth Corp., which bought Mettrum in January, and Organigram intend to fight the allegations.