Aurora Cannabis looks to enter the retail market

Aurora Cannabis is among Canada’s largest producers of medical marijuana and now they are intent on opening physical cannabis storefronts across the country.  The problem big LPs like this pose to the industry is a considerable threat to the retail market share that smaller operations will be fighting for.

Executive VP, Cam Battley, says smaller companies shouldn’t be worries about their presence however, as they “are not interested in being a monopoly.  Monopolies are good for nobody.”

Others in the industry, like Fred Pels, CEO of the Green Room dispensary in BC, are confident that there will be enough customers looking for a variety of cannabis strains that no single retailer can provide alone.  Though there are still fears of a pending big-business takeover where large corporations end up running each facet of the industry, the federal government says it wants many Canadians operating in the industry, and that the natural place for the most players is in retail.

Aurora plans to open in Alberta, but the provincial government of Alberta is considering seeking input from other LPs, distributors and retail before it rules on whether they will allow that to happen.

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