Aaron Serruya

Managing Director, SPE
Advisory Board

Aaron Serruya, 51. Mr. Serruya is the Managing Director of Serruya Private Equity Inc. (“SPE”), a global private equity firm. Mr. Serruya owns and co-founded Yogen Früz Canada Inc. and International Franchise Inc., which holds brands such as Yogen Früz®, Swensen’s® Ice Cream and Pinkberry®; and has been actively involved in the company’s development since its inception in 1986, which has over 4,500 frozen yogurt and ice cream franchises worldwide, in over 50 countries. He has been the President of Kahala Brands, Ltd. since December 2013, and a director of Kahala Brands since August 2013. Mr. Serruya currently serves as the President and Director of Yogen Früz U.S.A. Inc. and has since May 1989. He serves as the Manager and President of YF Franchise LLC and has since December 23, 2005. He serves as the President and Director of Yogen Früz Canada Inc. and has since August 1986. Mr. Serruya served as a Director of Coolbrands International Inc. from September 1994 to December 2005. He has been a Director of The Second Cup Ltd. since August 2017.

Aaron’s operational expertise is a driving force of his strength, which includes strategic planning, quality control, and marketing. Aaron specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions.